Elm House inspires confidence in our dental patients

Elm House inspires confidence in our patients

At Elm House, we offer dental treatments and other services for your children on the NHS.

This includes regular check-ups and teaching your young ones how to care for their teeth through our fun education programme.

We firmly believe that prevention is always better than cure and aim to minimise or even prevent treatment by educating patients on the best ways to achieve optimum oral health and by regular check-ups.

We are a happy to discuss any anxiety you or your children may have and explain our proposed treatment in friendly, plain English and with patience.

In particular, we aim to make the practice environment as friendly and welcoming as possible for children in order to give them the confidence to attend regularly – and we encourage you to bring your children to your own dental examinations, so that they can get confident and comfortable in the dental surgery environment.

Good dental health starts at a young age, and if you need further advice on helping your children achieve this, we are always available to help.